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Mark Ostryn is the Director of Strategic Company Sales and a Mergers & Acquisitions Specialist with LINK Corporate.
Mark has had a multi-dimensional business career, having owned, advised, obtained finance for and sold companies in more than twenty industries.

As a business owner Mark has built companies specialising in financial software, road safety technology and PC distribution. As a venture capitalist he has evaluated business plans across market sectors, undertaken due diligence and managed sale transitions.

Through his VC experience, Mark was instrumental in the early stages in pioneering the early development plans of many technology companies.

Mark has had extensive experience in company buy / sell transactions, including  involvement in the multi-million dollar food company acquisition and the chain of acquisitions that resulted in the development of Europe’s leading e-Shopping company

Throughout the late 1990’s as VP Asia Pacific for The Dialog Corporation, Mark spearheaded the growth of the online business information market across the Asia Pacific region, turning


a virtual green field opportunity into a $25m business with offices across Asia Pacific. Mark then assisted in the acquisition of its largest competitor, followed by the profitable

sale of the entire entity.

In his early career, Mark spent eight years in the telecommunications and data communications market in the UK and Australia. Initially he was appointed as a fast track graduate for the newly deregulated British Telecom where he successfully, modernised BT’s telephone handset range. After immigrating to Australia he played a leading role in the growth of one of Australia’s 1990’s success stories, NetComm.

Mark Ostryn is now a Director of Strategic Company Sales, and an M&A specialist with LINK Corporate.  He assists medium size business owners on exit strategies and to sell their company’s at maximum value. Mark also nurtures an annual group of forty entrepreneurs through the NSW Enterprise Workshop, and works occasionally at his daughters primary school teaching Primary Ethics.

AMAA logo RegisteredMark runs the Australian chapter of the Alliance of Merger & Acquisitions Advisors, is a CPBB qualified Business Broker (under the terms of the Property, Stock & Business Agents Act 2002), Financial Planner, and is an authorised sponsor of the Australian Small Scale Offerings Board (ASSOB).  He is also qualified as an Authorised Financial Planner under ASIC Compliance PS146, and holds various training accreditations. Mark has a Masters Degree in Applied Finance, a Postgraduate Diploma in International Marketing,  well as a Bachelors of Business Studies.

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