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Detailed Market Appraisal

  Strategic Company Sales will provide you with a detailed market appraisal for your company.  Apart from considering a likely market value for your company today, we are able to suggest ways that you can significantly improve its value.


The market appraisal estimates the likely market value that the company will achieve were it to be placed onto the business sales market today.  A market value assumes that there is no urgency for the seller to sell, but takes into account:

  • a)      the prevailing strengths and weaknesses of the company
  • b)      the current / future market opportunities
  • c)       the overall economic environment.

A Market Appraisal differs from a Valuation, which will focus primarily at the historical performance of your company and your asset and liability base.


The process involved in determining this value is as follows:

a)       Owner to complete a 30 item multiple choice questionnaire.  This will determine how saleable your company is, according to the following factors:

  • Management Team
  • Interdependency Factor
  • Scalability Factor
  • Company Size
  • Recurring Revenues
  • Customer Concentration
  • Market Share
  • Growing Industry
  • Profitability Growth

b)    The owner should provide the following documents:

  • Confirmation of ownership / equity structure of the company including any shareholder agreements.
  • Overall financial statements for the past three years.
  • Any “future focussed” documents including business plans and financial forecasts.

c)       Strategic Company Sales to meet with the owner (and other relevant owner personnel) to review and discuss the following themes:

  • Factors determining the sellability of  the company – issues derived from answers to the questionnaire above.
  • Detail history on past trading including profitability of types of services offered, product sales mix, customer concentration, customer retention and other key performance factors.
  • Operational and organisational issues within the company including systems and technology, key man dependency etc.
  • Your company’s future trading potential – the industry life cycle, competitive market, growth opportunities and risk factors.

d)      Strategic Company Sales will then use best available research data include IBIS industry reports to determine market trends, as well as databases of related industry sales (if available) to determine and appropriate multiple for sale.

To take advantage of this service please contact us on 0411 742 400


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