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Project Management

Strategic Company Sales project management services go well beyond the role of a traditional sales agent or business broker.  Our dual goal is to maximising the value of the transaction while reducing the pressure, stress and time commitment of our owner client.  Company Sale Process Map Feb2014Our services include:

  • Ensuring all company data (including critical sales pipeline and sales forecasts) are maintained and kept updated for the buyer
  • Attending to, and advising in meeting with company’s legal and financial representative, as well as tracking their activities.
  • Ensuring that company documentation of interest to the buyer is optimally designed, written and presented.
  • Coaching and roleplay on various aspects of the transaction process including presentations to buyer, negotiation and due diligence.

    Strategic Company Sales will guide clients through the often complex Due Diligence process

  • Coordinating the Due Diligence process, including establishment of the Data Room and liaison with the Buyer(s)

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