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1 Strategise Potential

When selling a company you’ll need to start by…

  • Agree on objectives, common purpose and time scales for sale, particularly when there are multiple owners.
  • Consider the optimal company & personal structure (shareholder buy-sell, tax, confidentiality, wealth management) to go forward.
  • Resolve current and potential legal issues including IP transfer
  • Understanding about how the competitive environment & trends will evolve and what buyers are likely to be looking for.

Strategic Company Sales will

  • Provide a realistic early assessment of the sales opportunity.
  • Undertake a market appraisal.
  • Think laterally about the types of companies who would be interested in such a venture.
  • Highlight the alternatives in departing your company – the pitfalls as well as the advantages.
  • Liaise with your financial adviser regarding the timing of the sale – its appropriate structure (assets v shares) and the tax implications.

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