About Us & Our Partners

Strategic Company Sales, was founded by the current Director Mark Ostryn and works collaboratively – without duplicating agendas – with your team of professionals in order to capture maximum value for our clients.

Efficient co-ordination is required for the transaction to be optimally effective.
Strategic Company Sales acts as a project manager and ringleader ensuring that the transaction progresses quickly regardless of whether your internal management or your external legal or financial advisors are involved.


Accounting & Tax Expertise

Your financial team are essential for the preparation of accounts and compilation / verification of due diligence documents. Expert comment on issues such as agreements, preparation of cash flow statements and closing date balance sheets or working capital analysis is required This is integral to identifying purchase price adjustments and providing financial continuity post settlement.

Accountant’s advise on the tax implications of a sale structure is essential. This covers a multitude of issues – share vs asset, lump sum vs stretched payments / earn outs, balance sheet structuring, post sale advisory, tax treatment of proceeds etc.

Legal Expertise

Partnering with your legals is a prerequisite to negotiating the terms of the transaction and the drafting of legal agreements to effect the transaction. Specific focus on these aspects is required to mitigate exposure for the outgoing owner post transaction. Also legal advice is key to partnership buyouts, intellectual property and business structuring issues as well as more day-to-day considerations such as leases.

Human Resource Expertise

Your human resources personnel are an important consideration in the process. The business talent strategy is key to to the incoming owners viewpoint. This includes organisational design and integration under new owners, conditions for the retention of key personnel, termination agreements, compensation packages and staff communications.

Business (Personal) Coach

Business coaches are integral to the transition process. They assist with patterning to equate your personal mindset with your business goals. They work with you in refining your purpose, which in turn drives your motivation for achieving certain goals. Through that, you take charge and manage your time effectively.

In addition to the above, expertise is regularly called upon in such areas as business valuation, asset valuation, PR, M&A insurance and post merger integration.

Strategic Company Sales also coordinates the activities of the counter party, and ensure that their team is fully briefed and able to action their undertake the required tasks in a timely and cost efficient way.