Skills & Resources

With Strategic Company Sales you’re in experienced and safe hands if you want to sell your company, acquire or restructure. We’ve undertaken many transactions and understand the importance of a smooth and efficient transaction that adds value to your company and its shareholders.

What We Do

  • Assist and assess with our clients major transactions including acquisitions, divestitures and restructures.
  • Work with our clients to create value.
  • Act both critically and ethically.
  • Co-ordinate activities with our clients other advisors
  • Provide a reality check on our clients perspectives.
  • Professionalise the deal making process.

What We Don't Do

  • Tell our clients what they want to hear.
  • Work in silos or without broader consultation. Encourage bad deals to line our own pockets.
  • Put our interests above yours. If it’s a bad deal, we’ll tell you so.

Our Principles

Frank and Fearless

Strategic Company Sales was formed to professionalise the deal making process for private companies with an enterprise value below $30m. right from the start we’ll give you an honest appraisal of your likely prospect of acquiring or selling your business at a given price and within a certain time frame. We’ll always give you honest feedback and be prepared to develop strategies to counteract any challenges to the project. Above all, we’ll stick with you!

Taking the Trouble

SCS take the trouble to obtain an intimate knowledge of your company – and its opportunities, before we approach potential buyers. We’ll spend a lot of time with your business, understanding its customers, internal systems and what makes it tick, so that we can talk knowledgeably, answer questions and put together great marketing materials.

Understanding Your Industry

Strategic Company Sales have sold businesses in a wide variety of industry sectors.

We pride ourselves on having the latest information available on your industry – understanding the trends, the competitive environment and how best to maximise your company value. To do this, we use the best quality Australian and international research.

Impartial, Independent and Honest Advice

SCS’s goals are aligned with yours. If we genuinely believe that there is an alternative to selling e.g. waiting a while, selling part of your business, restructuring, a management buyout – we’ll tell you! Conversely, if believe that your expectation is at odds with the market, we’ll politely point it out to you. Our success depends on happy clients referring us to other clients.

Maximising Exposure

We provide the broadest possible exposure to target buyers or sellers.

We have access to key national and international databases and contact groups. Because more than 30% of mid market businesses are sold to international buyers we work hard to expose quality opportunities.

SCS pride ourselves on having the latest research and intelligence available on your industry. We understanding the trends, the competitive environment and how best to maximise your company value.

Quality, Personalised Service

SCS restrict our number of assignments at any given time to allow for more attention to be provided to each of our Sellers. We’re not a listings service! Our marketing materials such as our information Memorandums are second to none and we tread carefully where there are confidentiality issues.

Deep Knowledge and Experience

SCS have deep business experience in owning and selling businesses. This experience to framing realistic expectations about the sale process, potential pitfalls and expected results. Prior to negotiation we will anticipate the key issues that buyers will require reassurance on, and help to frame the negotiation to ensure that the sale, the ownership transition and the sale aftermath are as beneficial and stress free as possible.